Article Marketing  

In case of article marketing, you pen articles on subjects that you have a vast knowledge  of. The article must be very well-researched and proofread for spelling and grammatical  errors. This will ensure that you get a good targeted traffic to your website.  

Forum marketing  

You can start posting in various forums to enhance your presence, as more people will  get to know you, and will trust you. For getting traffic from the forums, you must put your  signature in your profile, which is nothing but text of about 3-4 lines, with a link to your  site or the affiliate’s website placed strategically.  

Traffic exchanges  

Here, you need to visit other people’s website, who will reciprocate by visiting yours. It’s  not a one-to-one relationship. On an average, you need to visit about 2 websites to get  one visit to yours.  

Free classifieds  

Nowadays, free classified ads have lost their significance. Due to being free, many  people opt for this medium for placing ads, which results in ads getting unnoticed. But  trying your luck is not a bad idea. Since it’s free, placing a classified ad is good. Who  knows, you might get a visitor!  

Press releases  

Your website will be overloaded with visitors when the website is printed in a press  release. But your press release must be written properly, and not just like an on-the-face  advertisement. This works!  

Resource box  

A resource box involves you putting a link for people to click on. But ensure that the site  you wish the readers to visit is in relation to the article of yours. A resource box can get  good traffic to your site, and it should not be considered an unimportant option.  


Emails can be used effectively to get people visit your website. Emails are inexpensive,  and can give huge profits to online campaigns of marketing. Emails can be used to  update the customers about your company, your product, etc.  

Google AdWords 

 For targeted traffic, Google AdWords is a great option for webmasters to use. The  keywords being used with AdWords are very important when you are targeting people to  visit your site. The keywords must also be relevant, and must be in relation to the  product that is being sold.  

Title tag  

A blog must have an attractive title in order to get a good ranking in the search engines.  The title plays a vital role, but the actual post must be well-written and informative as  well. That will get your site good traffic.  

Submission to directories  

Though the submission of your blog to the various online directories is a monotonous  job, it is very important since it goes a long way in increasing the blog popularity. Every  directory that you submit the link to, results in better rankings.  

HubPage and Squidoo  

Both of these allow you to focus on a specified topic, and write on it. Also, both of them  permit you to bring RSS feeds.  

Link Exchange partnership  

You can put your website’s link on another good website, and allow the webmaster of  that website to place a link in yours. By this, both the parties gain.  

Joint ventures  

Exchange email promotions, and through the exchange of ads, find a partner. In this  way, you can reach the co-ventures customer base, and vice-versa.  

Affiliate programming  

You can offer your products’ affiliate program. If done through an expert, it will increase  both sales revenue and profit.  

Subscriber list  

You must get your website visitors involved by providing them value when they join your  mailing list. Regular communication with them and asking for their inputs and opinion  about the site would be a very good idea.  


You can place a “Tell-a-friend” script on the website, which would help you get more  traffic as visitors might recommend your website to other people. 

Paid reviews  

There are many freelancers out there, so you can surely pay someone to review your  blog. This is a great way of exposure for those who are new to blogging.  


You can turn the one-time visitors to regular visitors to your website by recycling of  traffic. You can direct them to many sites at a single instant.  

Error page  

You can design a 404-error page for your site. A link can be placed in that website,  which directs the visitor to the main website.  


If you’ve liked a product that you’ve used, you can leave behind a testimonial and put a  link to your website at the end. This will get adequate traffic to your site.  


You can offer the visitors free gifts. For instance, a free e-Book would do the trick to get  greater number of subscribers.  

Yahoo! answers  

 Answer people’s queries on Yahoo! and place a link at the bottom, to your website.  

Customer support  

If you offer your customers good support, they will refer you to others and this will  increase your popularity manifold.  


You can comment on blogs, and put a link to your website at the bottom. This can build  traffic very well.  


You can make a good screensaver for your company, and make it attractive. The  company logo can be placed in the screensaver for branding purposes.  


If you have any profile on the internet, put necessary keywords and give back a link to  your website. 


Selling any item as a charity auction on eBay will result in the charities linking back to  your eBay auction, and also to the main website.  

Blog entries  

Whenever you post an entry in your blog, always make sure that you link it back to your  site. You can also create more than one blogs, and have a link to the main website.  


Proper advertisement at necessary classification at Craigslist would be beneficial. Also,  it will be beneficial to post advertisements in many densely-populated cities, which would enhance exposure.

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