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Self Introduction

Test 3

Compose a 3-5 mins video to introduce yourself and answer some of the following questions;
1.   What motivates you?
2.   Do you prefer working by yourself or in a team?
3.   What are your salary expectations?
4.   Tell me about an achievement you are proud of?
5.   Tell me how you overcame a challenging situation.
6.   What do you know about our company?
7.   What would you say are your best qualities?
8.   What experience, skills and talent would you bring?
9.   What makes you a good team member?
10. Why do you want to work with us?
11. How do you deal with pressure at work?

Click the Download button bellow to download the PDF of the above instruction and the link to submit your video. Maximum time for the submition of the video is 48hrs