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PLE HR Recruitment System

Recruitment process

 It is highly recommended you go through this process as you will be tested base on some of the info here.

The purpose of recruiting is to:

  • Add valuable skills and experience to our team: to boost our brand image and recognition.
  • Develop entrepreneurs of the future: provide a platform for entrepreneurs to test and prove the traits.
  • Expand: to allow us to enter a new market with a competitive advantage.

We do not use the internet and social media recruiting to check background activities before they have passed the automated tests. Whilst candidate’s social media profiles may contain information unrelated to their careers, we adopt the principle of honesty, openness and transparency. Working online still warrants truthfulness, teamwork and presenting themselves to a degree of decency both for customers and us. We do not seek to look at characteristics that may cause or raise a bias opinion; we do NOT need to know the following until after candidate have passed a particular stage of the interview process but never before, this may include:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Pregnancy
  • Disability
  • Looks

However, candidates may need to reveal such information when it is required for a certain specific vacancy or work, at a particular stage of the hiring process.  Such as for a project requiring adventurous travelling or dangerous places, filming from the various locations at early and late working hours. With restriction to specific venues depending on the country, media presenting & interviewing, religious doctrine discussion project etc. We are primarily concerned with the candidate’s abilities, skills, knowledge and talents; we want to ensure there is no misunderstanding; we are not hiring low self-esteem and low standards or calibre.

Falsification of personal information, including wishful future desires that do not equate to the person current standard, would be dismissed on probation or outside this period as gross misconduct.

‘Contract for service’ implies to employees will be on an initial six (6) months probationary period whilst ‘Contract of service’ means the freelancers and self-employed have no probationary period.

We are hiring those with (S.O.W.E), we are planning the future of the business with;

  • Skills
  • Optimism
  • Work ethics
  • Entrepreneurial mindset






Seeking Entrepreneurs 

We expect a person to possess or be equipped with a few entrepreneurial traits or characteristics found on

Our primary aim is to offer entrepreneurship rather than a job because the world needs entrepreneurs to find creative solutions rather than fulfilling automated paid tasks. It would be our pleasure to invite entrepreneurs of different caliber to join us in achieving their goals, to impress and impact the local communities and the world. We would invest in a worthy idea, to take it to the open world market, offering the product/ service to gain an excellent reward.

We define a True Entrepreneur as; a person who invests in their personal development (mindset and skills) for no immediate gain until the project is marketable to generate sales or serve a market.

We also understand that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and may not understand what it means. So, we would consider filling some of the positions traditionally by the contract of service.

We wish to stress the following; all applicants would need to understand the entrepreneurial traits and characteristics without exception. Then we would provide further training.

We are seeking entrepreneurs or to fill vacancies in;

  • Social Media Marketers
  • Programmers / designers / data scientist
  • Ex-teachers (of all subjects)
  • Copywriters & editors
  • Media skills, video filming &editing
  • Specialist skills & Expertise knowledge in all subjects

Our complete hiring process consists of four tests;

  1. Multiple-choice what the candidate has read
  2. Multiple-choice about the candidate
  3. Interview questions
  4. A video resume about the candidate.

Required Skills

  • Business management skills.
  • Teamwork
  • Communication and listening.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Financial skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Strategic thinking and planning skills.
  • Excellent Communication.
  • Creativity.
  • Writing Ability.
  • Content Curation.
  • Project Management.
  • Aptitude to Learn.
  • Marketing.
  • Flexibility.
  • Must be able to work remotely.

You are not expected to possess all the skills, however, the more skills
and experience you have the more advantage you will have now and for
prosperous future.