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Entrepreneur Accountable    

Being an entrepreneur comes with the responsibility of leadership and management of the venture.  Most people dream of the wonderful destination by imagining themselves swimming on a bed full of money or having a drink in the hand whilst cruising on a yacht or sitting on a sunny beach with a drink in the hand listening to the waves hitting the seashores.  Ok, I didn’t say you should imagine all of that, it’s time to snap out of the dream and focus on what I’m saying.

Accountability is nothing more than a word, yet in its actual and true formatting image; it’s painful, discouraging, hard, stressful, long hours, tiring, get the image of the journey?  Yes, no pain no gain, enduring the pain for as long as it is required to finish the work. Asking hundreds of questions until you’re bored with asking, take a risk on you first, before expecting anyone else to take a risk on you.  Plan to learn something new daily, absorb knowledge like a sponge, and then sort out the information that is useful and let us not forget to make every sacrifice count towards achieving for what you truly believe in.

The Work

There you go, do you think that’s it? No, the above was just the theory, now it’s time to put it into practice.  Often, we hear the need for passion, well yes, eat it for breakfast if you can because you will need it to fuel your whole being.

The First step is to discipline yourself to use a diary without fail, then;

  • Write as many of your ideas down
  • Choose the top 3
  • Set a goal for each and visualise the end
  • Choose the one you have an ‘specific’ clear vision of and park the rest for now
  • Write a plan of how you will achieve it, ‘measurable
  • Seek to recruit talents, to make it ‘achievable
  • Plan in your diary the different objectives over the months, be ‘realistic
  • As you work along, prepare to change the plan
  • Notice by using a diary, the ‘time’ element is automatically set
  • Start taking action on the tasks
  • Remember to keep learning, add new objectives to the plan
  • Understand your action plan will increase faster than you can complete the tasks
  • The business will take shape after completing dozens of minor tasks
  • Keep pressing forward

That is just an outline, they are more complex; the FREE Webinars series covers much more details with the following,

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