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To be an entrepreneur first, one must be an initiator of their own vision, to challenge the norm and be on a mission to achieve their goals. Sometimes it means creating something new, and sometimes it’s improving that which has already been created. Either way, an entrepreneur needs to lead, push forward, inspire a team to catch and achieve the business vision.

The Entrepreneur mindset 

An entrepreneur is not one that seeks payment for his efforts, as no one will pay someone to become an entrepreneur. The idea of getting paid for your effort is work.  This is not the same as having an entrepreneur mindset, that is why volunteering is an excellent route to start the development of such a mindset.

The Challenge 

Wannabe Entrepreneurs or those who believe they are, everyone wants the same outcome; success.  To have the freedom to do whatever we want, when we want, and associate with a lifestyle that shows wealth, status and power.

So why procrastinate? Get started and get going. That is because it’s not so simple, we might be able to relate the experience of not achieving success in the past.  Millions of us have started this journey a million times and got nowhere! Perhaps we can relate to the song ‘nowhere man’ by the Beatles; he’s a real nowhere man, sitting in this nowhere land, making all his nowhere plan, for nobody!

The Rules

The truth is we are fed-up with the continuous motivational hype speech of ‘you can do it’, but we know it does not resonate with our efforts.  Yes, every entrepreneur can do whatever they concentrate on, the issue being, will it produce the results we want?  As a rule, Melvin Mayard believes;

  1. Everyone is an entrepreneur
  2. Entrepreneur does not criticise another

In Melvin Mayard Free ‘Business Entrepreneur Webinars’ he covers the laws of entrepreneurs and explains why it is the case. The universe has laws, we live by laws, being an entrepreneur works the same way.