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Prime Life Enterprise, subsidiary companies, information and webinar Training, or any other entity owned by Melvin Mayard and partners does not promise or guarantee income or success. Training, examples shown, given, shared or any materials are not an indication of your future success or earnings. You should not assume that you will achieve the same or similar results achieved by Prime Life, subsidiary companies of the group, even anyone who claims to have achieved results from our materials. Your results will be determined by many factors, including but not limited to, your attitude, belief, level of consciousness, ability to learn, desire, experience, faith, Goals, work ethic, and host of other elements, market conditions and the political environment.

It must be clearly understood that every business venture involves an element of risk, that may be low or very high.  The Company and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any liability, damage, loss or any negative related claims as a result of the use of our materials, webinar training, teaching, promotions, the use of our or independent platform we use, products and services.  All products, webinar training and services provided are for educational purposes and should NOT be considered as financial advice or legal, one should make their own research before concluding anything.  In relation to any of our information, training, articles, products, and businesses we hold the user fully responsible for their own decisions and actions.