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Apprentice Programme

We designed the Apprentice Programme for the students to gain experience and skills, medium to long-term advantage in digital marketing. Our aim is to develop entrepreneurs so they can achieve their goals; we believe we define Entrepreneurship as ‘one’s own development in attitude and project’. there is no price tag that can be related to this level of dedication, nor bought for any price. As a primary goal, focusing and providing entrepreneurship, we seek to reward competencies; skills, confidence with experience or expertise. We would reward competent skills. The Digital Marketing apprentices work online with full flexibility without boundary, can be anywhere in the world. The Media Filming Team works in proximity of the City of Liverpool (UK) boundary with their own ability to travel. Graphic designers would need their own reliable computer or laptop, film editor work at a comfortable place to accomplish their tasks, and a camera person can decide where to film, etc.

The advantages of the Apprenticeship Programme allow students

  • to associate themselves with us as an established company to build their credibility
  • continue to practice and improve skills
  • opportunity to fill a responsible role
  • we promote long-term students on our website, identify their contribution, with the possibility of including them in our team structure chart
  • Award them with a certificate of accomplishment for an agreed practical project.
  • become appealing for recruiters of various businesses.
  • long-term possibility of a business partnership in a current or new division of the business.
  • long-term with the expansion and duplication of the business model, applying various business strategies for greater monetary reward, wealth and success.

There is no time restriction with application to our apprenticeship entrepreneurial programme to allow our business to grow, creating new positions, allowing change with time and talents.  We encourage student entrepreneurs to remain flexible with how much time they can afford to put aside without interfering with their major studies, that should remain their priority focus. Those who apply would go through the Company Introduction and finally the Company Induction (for the media crew this would include a further Media Presentation), to allow students to discover where they fit with our vision. N.B we are not looking for persons of general interest or curiosity in the subject, rather those with a genuine passion and a burning desire to further develop their experience for a secured and promising future in digital marketing. 

The apprenticeship is designed primarily to teach and give practical experience, delivering a ‘Digital Marketing Business Model’ in three parts; bronze, silver and gold certificates awarded upon completion. In the future, the students could use this model for their own online success. The course is practical and requires a positive attitude in learning to be successful. We also design it to develop the entrepreneur within the students, at the right moment offering several options for engaging in partnering with us, depending on one’s educational qualification and attitude to entrepreneurship and progression. We like to stress the point of our focus, to help the students with long-term vision. We emphasize having the right attitude of demonstrating medium to long-term commitment and being motivationally responsible to maintain momentum in the apprenticeship programme.

Who is it for?

The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Programme is Free; however, it is worth mentioning we invest in managing it, we therefore have a criteria for entry;

  • We need to know the person by means of a video recording resume /CV describing themselves, desires and goals,
  • Your level of commitment to this apprenticeship, the hours you can invest in yourself to learn?
  • Acknowledging in understanding the apprenticeship is practical, not a paper exercise
  • Requiring regular and consistent efforts,
  • We are looking to help dedicated and motivated individuals who are not just looking to complete a 6 months prison sentence for the sake of having it on Resume or CV,
  • Requiring regular communication at least 2 -3 times a week,

Should this be an excellent description of you, please consider the benefit of developing your vision of success with our help. There are three certificates comprising;

  • Bronze Certificate
  • Silver Certificate
  • Gold certificate