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Prime Life Enterprise Ltd exists to help develop entrepreneurs, educating about mind, body, and spirit. Focusing on providing tools and products to educating the entrepreneurs, expanding our physical need to succeed in personal life and business.

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Entrepreneur Traits

Entrepreneurs have traits and the responsibility is solely theirs to prove it, by demonstrating it through superior performance.

‘I can’; is a statement of ability, ‘I will’; is a statement of desires,        ‘I do’ is the statement of action now in becoming the entrepreneur by deeds, not by words. We encourage entrepreneurs to prove the following ‘words in action’;

Attitude and attribute

* Determine behaviour  * Consciously change when required

* Desire to achieve goals  * Endure the journey

* Faith to face the challenges   * Set clear Goals

* Habit to complete routines

* Imagination and initiative to act  * Just do it, get on with it

* Keep it simple to manage it well  * Love what you do with purpose

* Motivation, is yours intrinsic or extrinsic?  * Never give up

* Organise your time in chucks  * Plan the day, week, and month

* The question, ‘do you think….’ etc?


Talent is an important acquisition to gain, we deliver training to entrepreneurs, to achieve their full potential and expect 100% efforts on their part to develop themselves. The dinosaur way of organisational thinking was; ‘we give them training thus it means everyone should perform to an excellent standard’. This myth has helped large organisations to become extinct, others who are still thinking in this manner would soon cease to exist.

We hold a sound position on the fact that everyone has the potential and responsibility to prove what they have learned. Furthermore, to use knowledge to be creative, develop talents in becoming a high-quality product of them with a superior attitude for success. Take the various links and explore your options, go to the private Login for free advice and FREE business entrepreneur contents.

A vault of over 1000 ebooks contains knowledge and wisdom for entrepreneurial success.
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Keep fit, strong, and healthy to enjoy wealth and entrepreneurial success.
Exercising equipment to use at home or at work to keep your mind and body fit for high performance and success.

The world needs entrepreneurs, are you ready? The future of all businesses would heavily depend on the attitude and creativity of entrepreneurs. The time is already here, it is no longer about what a job has to offer, with computer technologies on the rise. Entrepreneurs need to re-invent themselves empowered with knowledge, no one can succeed in ignorance.

Entrepreneur Management Consulting Plan


Provide an overview of what the company serves, what they sell, and a tiny bit of the business history.

The Problem

Provide an overview of the problem the organization is facing. Explain what the cause of the problem is/was and the impact of the problem is, and what the eventual cost or result would be if left unaddressed.


What have you noticed that is contributing to the problem and what are the plans to address the problem?Use fact and NOT assumptions to determine a solution from:

  • Financial documents.
  • Behaviors of your clients, their employees, and/or their customers in their work professional environments.
  • Surveys 
  • The least is subjective; conversations with clients/employees are opinions unless backed up objectively with quantitative means. 

Research and Information

Provide the background for your ultimate decision. You can reference:

  • A competitive analysis. 
  • A SWOT analysis. 
  • A Porter’s Five Forced analysis.
  • Case studies and examples of similar situations in other organizations. 
  • The pros and cons of different solution options.

Proposed Solution 

Explain the chosen solution and why. Outline the steps are taken, what is needed immediately to bring the plan to life. Outline the timeline, deliverables, and expected final result.


How will the final outcome impact the business for the better? You can highlight:

  • Percent increase in employee and/or customer retention. 
  • Percent increases in productivity and efficiency. 
  • Percent increases in revenue or profit. 
  • Percent decrease in waste costs.

DACI Framework

[The DACI framework outlines who the Driver of the project is and what role they have, any approvers of specific parts of the project, contributors who handle deliverables, and those who need to remain informed

For the Accountable, Responsible, and Informed sections, outline what each team or individual – internal or external – is responsible for.]






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